Tytalos is bugged!

After first wipe mech Tytalos goes into the ground then pops back up.

When Tytalos goes into the ground sandstorms think Tytalos is escaping from the area then disappear when Tytalos is still in the area.

After Sandstorms are gone, Tytalos continues and do wipe mech without sandstorms. Tytalos also doesn’t even do pre-mech (hitting ground 3 times) before he does wipe mech.

This made impossible to complete Tytalos raid.

Please fix this problem and stop nerfing.


It is as you said Tytalos has been bugged since the nerf that was done to it. One way we have gone around this is either to keep it close to zipline or have a tier 3 carry. Furthermore, for players that used to get the sandstorm effect and did not have a panacea it was simple for them to run a certain distance away from Tytalos’ wipe mechanic but now it does not seem to work either.

Thank you for the heads up! We will be addressing these bugs in our fix this Monday.

I did it alone. His mechahic working fine when you solo him

Good to know, I’ll have to try that tomorrow :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for that tip - Solo’d first time no issues. Mechanics worked perfectly or at least as expected :slight_smile: Been stuck on that one with groups.

I got through it many times with grps, just make sure you are fully healed before he does his one shot aoe as he will only take approx 90% of your health. BTW, you cannot do it as Berserker Mayhem as the 90% is of your max HP.

Was there a fix today? 3rd time today where he would summon the first set of sandstorms but afterwards, they completely disappear from the mechanics in general which would generate into a wipe altogether.