Tytalos not spawning sand pools?

Anyone else notice after patch Tytalos is very inconsistent with sand whirl pools spawning?

Some runs, none at all. Other runs, one or two sand phases will have them but not for others.

Never seen this until after the patch that just happened.

i noticed, been trying to beat this guy for 2 weeks and now they make it harder…ffs this boss has way too many mechanics and skills to avoid seriously.

so we found a trick, lure near zip lines if u can and just zip down when he ultimates. still wasnt able to kill him though cuz i keep getting teamed up with pugs and dont have enough dmg to solo even though im 1040 GS… this boss has way too many abilities. you spend 90% of your time trying to evade and cant attack. Some dev teams are really clueless when it come to what people want in a mmo. This is suppose to be a game, not a freakin stressful job on the front lines…

I was trying to do him the last two days and kept going “where are the pools?!?”

Did a search online and there are many posts on here and Reddit along with videos about this issue since last patch.

afaik , once is “enraged” red aura, there is no tornados , so once he does the attack it becomes a stagger check

ya its stupid and makes no sense whatsoever, tytalos was roadblock for tons of ppl , and now is even harder.

I believe Roxx commented in another thread that this is an known issue.

Not sure if the fix will be in the patch tonight.

So I’ve gotten past him on several chars now, and posting this as workaround.

When entering via group matchmaking, seems bugged consistently. 1st pool spawns, then not afterwards. However, when entering solo, for me pools went back to working correctly.

Know this isn’t optimal but just fyi - seems to work if able to solo it