Tytalos still bugged and no fix in this weeks patchnotes

So its pretty widely known tytalos is bugged since the nerf patch and reading through this weeks patch tytalos is not among the fixes in there.

There is a bunch of topics already about tytalos being bugged and even a small investigation in game would have easily shown it too.
I cant imagine that after nerfing his 1 shot mechanic for no apparent reason but players stupidity you would force players to just waste potions because the sandstorms that give you the debuff dont show up every other big AOE attack he does.
If that is actually the case and SG and/or AGS just want us to waste pots for no reason at all you might aswell revert back the nerf and just kill of the stupid ones nonetheless…

How is it that he is not getting fixed this week?
Which is rather annoying because im going to have to either wait untill it gets fixed or look around for a bigtime carry by some tier 3 friends since it is currently locking me out of tier 2 guardian raids…

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