U are not rewarded by grinding in this game

u are not rewarded by grinding in this game

like if u are unlucky u can spend farming / grinding mats for honing, and reach 1370 in 90 days


u lucky enough like my friend, only been playing for like 20 days, and allready 1370, his total fails was less than 50

its like, hard work suppose to be rewarded, but RNG screw it all

i rather have 10x more mats required for honing but 100% succes rate

than 10% mats for honing, but fail 9 times and only succed because artisan energy

it will take the same time, but it will not feel as bad as failing

because it feelsbad to be unable to play with your friend, because item lvl difrence, even if u have same playtime, all because one of you are more lucky than the other


Your point is invalid, as there is a 100% chance in the game in the form of artisan energy with an added chance that you don’t need to spend 100% of the materials on the equipment.

How is it punishing you?


because some lucky people will get 1370 in 20 days because of luck

and some people get it in 90 days

dont u read my post

i know about artisan energy

it hates to feel that u are the unlucky one, and some lucky dude with 10 times less effort catch up to you


So you’re upset about RNG?


When you play for fun and not ilvl you will enjoy the game a lot more. Also we send friends mats to get them through hard stages so we are all on the same level. There are solutions.


yes, there enough RNG in this game

item lvl RNG is not required

there are allready accesory RNG, item quality RNG, skill treee RNG, drop rate RNG, any many more

in other mmo weapon upgrade only make you stronger and easier to play
but in this game item lvl is basicly your level, since alot of content are locked behind it

also on other MMO, lvling is not RNG

You’re also not rewarded by going onto the forums and comparing your luck to someone elses there’s people who are near 300 fails there’s some at 100 at 1370, there’s nothing you can do but just worry about yourself and do all of what you can to progress faster

You are GUARANTEED to succeed every single enhancement without going down or breaking your weapon, almost no other game lets you do that

just stop worrying about succeeding your enhances especially cause in the future youre going to start having 1~5% honing chances and as i said eventually you are guaranteed to succeed and start worrying about raising alts

it literally only takes 30~40 minutes to do lopang/una/guardian raids/chaos dungeons on each character, you are hurting yourself by not doing so


‘In oter mmo weapon upgrade only make you stronger’

How is lostark’s weapon upgrades making you weaker? Do you deal less damage?

Also other mmorpgs will have rng elsewhere. If it’s not in honing RNG then it is in matarial farm.

In WoW you could go a full expansion without that legendary ever dropping. Or in games like BDO the upgrading could break your whole gear.


You guys dont understand lol, when you and your friends put in similar hours but then RNG honing makes everyone start splitting off, its not a fun experience. Yes theres a 100% pity system but knowing not everyone will need to hit it to get to 1370 or 1400 is not a good feeling, and the game shouldnt allow you to feel that way compared to being mad about a hard raid boss mechanic. The game should make sure everyone reaches the actual content and gameplay, abyss dungeons/raids so they can BEGIN the actual grind thats in all mmos, the best RNG loot, accessories, books etc. No need to also add RNG to the core upgrading system to further ruin group progression.


you are rewarded by controlled, well-paced grinding, i.e. dailies.

you are not rewarded by excessive grinding, i.e. grinding past dailies.


I know exactly how it feels to be behind your friends or someone else when you’re putting around the same amount of time as someone

my friend whos a foraging main was at like t2 with like 1 character only while i was at t3 with multiple t2 alts got to 1370 leagues before me because of rng but like that’s just how it is

you’re not really missing much regardless as argos isn’t going anywhere same w/ valtan

i literally never said it make me weaker lol

weapon upgrade in this game is basicly your real character lvl

because alot of sutff locked behind it

while other MMO u can still do stuff even if u are undergeared, it will hard for sure, but it dont lock you from it

This is a bad take dude. Your friend might have 5 more characters feeding his main generating far more materials for extra taps every day. The honing isnt going to change. People need to move on from trying to discuss it.

if he has 5 alt sure, he deserve it

but my friend doest have alt, only 1 character, but he reach 1370 with only like 42 fails (from tier 1 to 1370)

he one tap alot of t3 gear, not even using juice, since he doesnt have any gold to buy it lol

Even if they have 5 more alts, they still might progress slower than a person who gets lucky, i have 200 hours more than few of my friends but they 1 tap the 13-14-15, and get into t3. I also have 5 alts in t3, but i dont want to pity every single time when i know theres a CHANCE they never need to.

Thats the game though. I failed 2 total upgrades going from 1390 to 1400. I had a friend stuck at 1397 for a few days. We all have the same base % chance to upgrade gear. Lol

Your friend started playing during events that give us tons of excess materials and 10% bonus honing chance books. Everybody I know has multiple characters in T3 now due to the events. So comparing the journey of somebody that started on release to now is going to be a big difference and not based on just luck/RNG.

On top of that other factors like game time and content focus make huge differences. My boyfriend has 3 alts in T3 (almost 4,) I have only 1. Not because im unlucky, but because I have slightly less game time and am comparatively lazy or inefficient with the time I do have.

I rather everyone spends the same effort and gets rewarded by having a gaurentee upgrade if they meet the material requirement, why put so much stress on a core upgrading system, you have enough min/max elements elsewhere, the game is already sustainable through selling cosmetics, but i guess they know people will spend real money on a simple system.

Everyone can get lucky it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 50 characters, both types of people can get lucky

you are 100% rewarded by grinding the game with more alts as it gives you more and more chances to tap and be lucky or recover from being unlucky

please stop trying to compare yourself with someone who got really lucky and just worry about progressing on your own, your friend who has 50 fails might get hard stuck when they have to deal with 5%s especially when they only have 1 character and take like 2-3 days per single tap meanwhile you with multiple characters might start one tapping everything all while also getting multiple taps a day cause of alts

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i dont mind this at all

but when u lock content behind item lvl = thats bad

because gear are there to not ONLY make your stronger like other MMORPG

but it also became your real level