U know guys how to get the tittle "Holy Beast"?

I am getting titles by collection but that specific title I do not understand the description
“Domiated tormented Albion at Oreha’s Well”
I have done Oreha several times but I have not gotten the title, does anyone have an idea how to get it?

Pd. i only do it in hard mode

I’m kind of gonna random a bit, dont take it as truth since I have this title but dunno how

Might be killing albion after he goes berserk. Back in the day when we had only argos and many people werent at that ilvl yet, we did oreha wiping many times and it was pretty easy to go enraged albion. I remember a sorc dodging berserk albion for 1 minute and killing it from 6x hp lmao. As I said might not be that way tho.

Usually those titles come from killing a boss x amount of time, so if it’s not killing albion 50 times it must 150 times as most end at 150 times.

The guardians title are usually from killing the boss 150 times. I remember title hunting for the title “light” from the light guardian to make “light’s sister” (mixing it with vykas title to make an anime reference), that required killing lumerus 150 so maybe abyssal dungeons are the same.

Check it up in the achievements tab should be there.

Going by the date I acquired this title it must have been from the Punika story dungeon Oreha’s Well, not the abyssal version. It’s listed under Adventure/Punika, too. The achievement is called “Helper of the Holy Beast”. Try doing that (again).


The ‘Visitor’ title is from doing the solo story version of Oculus so makes sense.

Ty, i’m looking like a crazy for a solution! i love u!

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Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face: