Uhhh powerpass not working?

I logged onto my main and claimed everything including then clicking on the powerpass ticket to activate it, I proceeded to purchase crystals to buy a character slot and created my machinist.
Set it up and went back to the main screen and went to use my powerpass but there was no option to use it only to spend thousands of crystals for a purchasable one

Did you use the Powerpass in your inventory, or just claim it from your mail?

I used it in my inventory. I just looked at it again, I had to hover over the punika pass which clearly displays a cost of 5500 crystals and only oncce hovering over it does it inform you that you own one of these. I had assumed event stuff would appear seperately like honing books do etc

Yeah it is hard to tell when you have one. There will be an itty bitty “1” on the powerpass you have available. If your not looking for that specifically it is difficult to tell you even have one.

Looks like you ended up finding it tho. have fun!

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