Ui and Voice Over

I would like to ask about the possibility of changing languages inside the game client, as someone who is fluent in both English and Japanese and hoping to learn Korean, having the ability to change the in-game language would be phenomenal.
Do we have any already known answers about this topic from AGS?
Thanks for the answers

it would help a lot if you would use the search function before creating duplicate post :slight_smile: no we dont have an answer.

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@Cyler yep… But I guess I will answer again.

EACH REGION has different studios of localization, VA, subtitles etc. Each with their own studio.

EU/NA/SA wont get Japanese or Russian, as at the same time Japan wont get English, German, Spanish, French

We might ( maybe?) get Korean - since its Smilegate studio and they could let it for EU/NA too

this has been answered and theorized in the other posts already… please use those…