UI bugged - missing shortcut's for Inventory + Combat Skil bar

Hi Wonderful people,

I took a 2 day break and when i logged in 1/4 of my UI is missing namely the UI from the Right side of the screen with the shortcut button for inventory rooster and etc + the combat skill + consumables.

ALT + X not making any dif, restarted, restarted PC still same issue. Last hope is Reinstall the game :frowning:

Please see attached picture.


24hours and no answers :frowning:

Check game files.


Hey man!

Did you try and verify your steam files? Always my first choice before reinstalling.

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and check what ? donโ€™t exactly know :frowning:

You go to your steam library, right click lost ark > properties > local files > verify integrity of game files.

Just let that run through, takes a few minutes, hope that helps.

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thx will do that after choase vortex , hope it work :X

so i did the integrety and this came back
what should i do from here?

It should start a download for these files, after thatโ€™s done, you can start the game and check if the UI is fixed.

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aaaa you are a god among men /bow
thank you sooo much!

Glad that it works again, have fun playing mate.

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thank you!! the same!!

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