Ultimate MinMax Strategy - Item Level 460+ in a few days to unlock Rohendel Continent

There is a little trick I discovered while playing in Russian Servers. That will allow to build the best min max strategy.

Step 1: Reach level 50 ASAP

  • Don’t do any chaos dungeons to get the bonus for the next days “I explained later why and you will probably agree after reading the whole guide”

Step 1.5 Alternative: You still can do the rest of the steps by doing also daily chaos dungeons. But in this case in step 6 you won’t be able to get better jewelry and Ability Stones gear faster.

Step 2: Obtain the “Song of Resonance” & “Forest Minuet” you will need them for the step 4

  • Song of Resonance

Complete the quest in the Blackfang’s Den Island (10k Pirate Coins)

Complete the quests in the Freedom Isle Island (15k Pirate Coins)

Go to Peyto “Island actually is a boat” and buy the “Song of Resonance” using 17k Pirate Coins

  • Forest Minuet

Complete the quests in the Lullaby Island “The last quest that give the song will ask you to obtain 3 special items that you can get from the event of the island that happens every 2 hours so try to complete this ASAP while completing Step 3 and 4 in the meantime”

PS: If you complete the Life Skill guide quests in east and west luterra you will be able while waiting the last 2/3 min before each event to collect the wood & iron on the island. Those can be also used to kickstart your stronghold research “unlock workshop level 2 and crafting 45% restore health potions”

Step 3: Finish Shushire and get the 302 set

  • Main quest line will give you also a decent amount of upgrade resources:

495 x Small Armor Crystal

360 x Small Weapon Crystal

35 x Givena’s Emerald

11.5k x Emerald Shard

Step 4: Complete the following islands quests “you will need the 302 gear equipped to see them”:

  1. Dreamgull Island

  2. Panda Island

  3. Starlight Isle

  4. Serenity Isle

  5. Toto Silver Island

  6. Shadow Island “Excluding the last quest that will give you the hearth”

81500 Emerald Shards

7340 Small Weapon Crystal

5870 Small Armor Crystal

236 Givena’s Emerald

Step 5: Upgrade your gear as much as you can you will be for sure over item level 460 thanks to this huge amount of resources. Plus once crossed the item level 420 you will be able to complete the shadow island last quest that will require from you to do the tower dungeon in any city and complete the level 24.

Step 6: Now that you are at 460 you can do the Rohendel continent and you will be able also to do the chaos dungeons from this continent as well. Thanks to the fact that you didn’t played the chaos dungeons for a few days to reach this step you will have the rest charges for each day. This will double your loot from the dungeons you will do next. Considering that from item level 460 you will be able to obtain the legendary jewelry it will be worth the trouble considering you will need a lot of them to find the one that has the engravings you need. Plus before tier 2 will go out you will be able to have a lot of extra upgrading materials you can sell in the auction house to make a lot of gold.

PS: 90% of the jewelry and Ability Stones will be trash and not worth even the trouble to be sold. But if you find the right one like those that increase grudge they will be worth a fortune. We speak about 2/5k+ gold. So doubling the resources on the Rohendel chaos dungeons that give only legendary jewelry and Ability Stones are worth the trouble.

Bonus: If you was able to speedrun this way don’t forget to start doing all the side quests and collectible in particular the adventurer’s tome. This because you will obtain from those activities a lot of personality stats like “charisma, courage and so on”. Those are a key requirement to unlock rapports, complete specific quests and more. Plus a similar island exploration strategy can be done for the tier 2 resources as well and one of the quests for example require you to have a level 100 of wisdom. So is really important to do the completionist route until tier 2 kicks in. For this purpose I’m building a resource that will help you to accomplish this task and you can find it here: https://www.htfgamestudio100.com/


While I can’t comment on the actual strategy as it is beyond my experience…I for some reason felt compelled to read this entire thing in a quick and agitated manner with a nerdy accent


Ahaha well once you reach the end game and will understand how items work there get back to this guide, You will find it a blessing because it will save you 20 daily chaos dungeons. Plus it will unlock another continent to explore :wink:


have they not nerfed island rewards?

There are over 100 quests to nerf. They can do so but then people won’t spend time to explore them if they won’t be worth the time and trouble. Don’t get this process as an easy one. Because there are so many prerequisites for several of those island like emote, songs and many other staff. So you will need to do several google searches to be able to complete this guide steps. But don’t worry I will release the guides for all the required parts of those steps on my YT channel. So if you google them you will find the guides about all you need probably before you will get there

Step 4: Complete the following islands quests “you will need the 302 gear equipped to see them”:

Dreamgull Island

Panda Island

Starlight Isle

Serenity Isle

Toto Silver Island

Shadow Island “Excluding the last quest that will give you the hearth”

81500 Emerald Shards

7340 Small Weapon Crystal

5870 Small Armor Crystal

236 Givena’s Emerald

Aren’t we expecting the island rewards to be nerfed? AFAIK, these reward values are “catch up” values since RU and other servers are way pass T1 content. Assuming these were the same values in Beta, many people were able to get to 500gs+ day 1. We won’t know for sure until launch if they get change but I would take the guide you provided with a gain of salt.

Edited, wait nvm I can’t read, you answered it above I guess, my bad.

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Some people on reddit suggest that they can also disable the islands as an alternative. But in this last case considering that those are the entry level islands between west luterra and shushire if they get removed there will be no decent content on the sea worth the time to explore.
Even if you get fast to 500gs+ to reach the 600 is a pain even on RU if you don’t use the 5 chests that give you 16k Small Armor Crystal “main catch up mechanic to get to tier 2 on ru servers” considering that it require a lot of resources even with catch up mechanics to do the last 100 levels

PS: we will be in tier 1 for max 4 months so they don’t need to nerf anything. Even the most experienced people like me will need a lot of time to complete all the collections before tier 2 will be out.

Yeah, I assume we would be in tier 1 for maybe 3 months or so unless we get additional content on launch.

Even if you get fast to 500gs+ to reach the 600 is a pain even on RU if you don’t use the 5 chests that give you 16k Small Armor Crystal “main catch up mechanic to get to tier 2 on ru servers” considering that it require a lot of resources even with catch up mechanics to do the last 100 levels

But I do want to mention in regards to your comment that some people were able to reach gs 600 during the 1 week beta playtime. Aside from that, yeah agree collection will definitely take time,

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In the beta you was able to buy some upgrade resources with the shop currency and you had 40k Royal Crystals to begin with xD

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Right forgot about that, good point xD.

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Just to remember Lost Ark in Tier 1 is so much more than getting gear lvl 600.

Without engraving you are nothing.
Without Skill Points you are nothing.
Without Passive pots stat, you are nothing.
Without gold you are nothing.

Mets are just a small part of the whole picture here.

You need hard lvl up Rapport and get the main collectibles as Giant’s Hearts and Island Harts, and those tasks take an insane amount of time.

Engravings are the ultimate achievement, not the gear lvl, just to be clear, you have a LOW RNG chance to drop the books you will need, I bet 85% of the engraving you will get will be bought in Auction House, and to do so, you will need an insane amount of gold, even though we don’t be able to lvl up the engraving to a higher level you must farm GOLD to be ready when Tier 2 is released.


Exactly and having extra drops for legendary items to get better engravings for tier 1 is really important. Plus reaching Rohandel, unlock another continent to explore, complete the adventurers tome and so on.
I will do this method only to get to legendary gear ASAP and complete the Adventurer’s Tome in Rohandel as well


Newbie here… what’s the emerald / shard / crystal for? You mentioned these but I have no clues what the function. Should I save them or spend them straight away?

Another part as a first timer player I will definitely take my time and not rushing to Max level 50 or something like that? I do want to know what contents should I be focusing on once I reach max level and I only have average 1-2 hour of play each day.
Is 2hours each day enough for me to be ready when T3 content / raid drop?
Considered I will play 2 chars at release but most likely main Paladin for end game content

What’s engraving? You mentioned it’s important… is that enchantment?

These are the passive buffs you can acquire to learn from books, equip with accessories and ability stones, they are divided into common and class engravings.

Engravings are the ultimate achievement to make your char epic power. In Tier 3 your must have at least 5 of them in each char.

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Once you reach level 50 you unlock the end game dungeons that can be found in any city. From this point on you don’t need to change your equipment every new area you explore. Instead you need to find an end game set. Your weapon and armor pieces has an item level. The end game item level starts at 302. Next doing special quests and end game dungeons you will obtain emerald / shard / crystal that you next can use to make your gear more powerful upgrading it. Each upgrade increase its level by 1 until level 20/25. While the item level is increased somewhere around 20 points each upgrade. So in the end game you ended up needing alot of those resources to make your gear more powerful. Also new continents after Shushire require you to reach a specific gear level to be unlocked.
Rohandel - Item level 460
Yorn - Item level 600
Feiton - Item level 800
Punika - Item level 1100
South Vern - Item level 1300

Better spend them ASAP and in case you have too much you can still sell them in the auction house to other people in order to obtain gold. You will need gold to buy other staff from the auction house, upgrade your stronghold and many other things.

Considering that we will be locked to the end game tier 1 this means you will be able to reach only item level 600. Is better take it easy and complete everything. This because you need to do all the side quests to unlock as many account levels possible and get permanent stat boosts thanks to quest rewards. Also completing collection is important to get also those boosts. So try to enjoy everything at 100%. You don’t need to rush because once tier 2 will be out they will add catch up mechanics that will allow you to skip a lot the upgrade system and reach the new end game faster.

In my personal opinion you should explore all the continents first and the islands next. Don’t focus too much on the end game because otherwise it will take out all your hours and when the new tiers will kicks in you will have no passive account bonuses. Keep in mind that there is a rest system in the game that stacks up to 7 times. This means that if you don’t do end game dungeons each day you get a bonus for the next day. So you can do end content in the weekend when you have more free time and use all the rest charges to obtain all the upgrade items you will need.

Don’t stress too much about being left behind. Once new tier get out the upgrade system will be way easier so you can catch up with other player even if you played less.

Engraving are powerful passive abilities that can increase for example with “grudge” your damage up to 20%. There are over 50 different to choose from. You need to assign 5 points to unlock the ability level 1 another 5 points for the level 2 and another 5 points for level 3. If you want to max out one specific ability you need in total 15 points.
You can assign to them up to 15 points thanks to the jewlery equipment, up to 15 points with the gem and up to 24 with the engraving books. Every time you loot any jewlery “item level above 302” it give you randomly up to 3 positive effects that increase the points in specific passive abilities. So you need to loot a lot of them to find the one with the abilities you want. For the gem, is another equipment item that also come with 2 random good effects but the game must be upgraded using silver to unlock those bonuses. To finish engraving books unlock auras “you can equip 2 auras if you want you can have 2 of the same type”. Those auras give 3 points if you read 20 uncommon engraving books for the specific spell, other 3 points if you read 20 rare books, other 3 points for 20 epic books and other 3 points for each 20 legendary books. For a total of 12 points for a specific engraving. Considering you can have 2 auras they can increase your abilities up to 24 points.


Wow nice guide and explanation. Thanks guys knowledge +10 :grin:

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Thanks for supporting a content creator with kind words. Your Charm +10

If we only launch with T1 we shouldn’t have to worry about gems right?

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Gems are important part of the engraving system. So even when next tier will be out if you will have the right gems ready you won’t replace them immediately until you obtain a valuable one that have similar or better engravings. This is another topic I made a guide just a few min ago. Check it out here: Beginner Guide - Engravings Explained - What they are and how they work