Ultimate solution to botting problem

Alright so how about Amazon simply closes down all NA servers that are heavily botted.
That way you will get rid of all bots in one swoop.
Secondly EUW has a lack of players, so why not remove the vpn block and let the people from NA play on EUW with a vpn. That’s two birds with 1 stone, NA bots will be gone and EUW will have more players. EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY :smiley:

Except that everyone loses their progress

Or just shutdown the enter NA/EU server, everyone can go back playing KR/RU version. All the contents and classes are already there, no need to cry about lack of contents or unreleased classes. Problem solved.

Ah but thats no different from ppl rerolling from EUC to EUW.
It’s doable 100%.

No need to close down EU since Ques are fine now.


I mean it’s extremely different. EUC to EUW was just Founders Packs and a week or two of progress.

You’re losing months of progress here.

You can’t possibly compare a week of progress to months when your Character is locked behind so many daily entries. (ignoring the hundreds of hours spent on the current servers they’re playing on.)
Even if, it would reset all the island souls and other collectibles/rapport - the list goes on and on.