Umar skin question

What is the difference between the orange and blue crystal version of the Umar skin? Can the orange crystal one be bought off Market and dyed? On my server there is no new armor on the market so that’s why the question.

if you mean buying them with royal cristal or blue cristals, there is none. Just blue cristals are accessible to f2p then make the skin f2p friendly. And that’s the same for every skins ^^

i think the difference is that the royal crystal one is roster bound instead of character bound, so for example mage one con be used by bard and mage at same time. But none of them can be dyed then?

Bkue crystals skins are bound to the character you open them
Orange crystals are bound to class, and bound to rooster. You can use then on classes from the same species. For exapmle, if you buy for sorceress, you can use it on bard.

Dyeable skins dont matter how you buy them. Some skins can be dyed, some cannot. Umar skins cant be dyed. Only the stern ones.

Usually you can see if you hover over the skins the message : cannot be dyed.

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The RC one can be traded, they introduced a 3 day cooldown on selling items bought from the Cash Shop and then selling on the auction house to curb fraud this patch. We are only on second day of patch, expect some to appear on AH over the weekend

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