Umar Skins not in every class?

Hi guys. Is there a reason my striker doesn’t have the Umar collection of skins? Is this intended? If so, is this … logical for you? That some classes simply dont have the skin, while others do?

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Shared this in another thread, crossposting here!!

Back in April we shared about the skin release cadence being slower than players preferred.

We’ve seen continued feedback surrounding the release of skins into the game, and want to share with players why speeding this up can be tricky. Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them. In fact, some of this work for newer classes still needs to be done.
While we are releasing skins at a faster rate than they originally came out in Korea, we understand we do not have the broad library of skins to select from like some of the other regions currently do. While we would like to release skins that can be used by players using all classes, we will continue gathering feedback from our players.

Players let us know that they would rather see more skins available, even if some classes were left out, so the Umar skin was an additional set made available for players this month that falls under those parameters


You literally took away all the Yoz Jar skins. You did the exact opposite of make more skins available. What do you mean?


Okey so this mean we should get skins faster so why we waited so long for new skins? The answer you provide doesn’t make sense . Skins still are being released slow as hell and from 1000 skins you choose the worse

Why asg is so afraid of skins ? If you tell me the quantity is limited I will understand but Korea always will release new so no cadences anytime soon


Nice to get some clarification.

Did players let you know of any preference to the type of skins they want added?

Seems like we got umar without it being available for all classes due to our feedback.

Isn’t there a lot of feedback that players want swimsuit skins? And aren’t those already available for all classes too? Why no swimsuits?



I see… was not aware of this. Tho, couldn’t this be solved with other type of skins that were available for all?

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what about 1 anniversary skins ?
we should get it every 6 month instead of 1 year or we will never catch up to kr

I know right?
I was even looking forward going back home to log after a long working day to discover what my Striker would look like in the Umar skin…

…what a disappointment

and don’t talk about the other new one. I mean seriously?

I like the game anyway. I would love it even more if better decisions were taken

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Gunslingers and assassins (maybe more classes) are left out without umar skin/replacement skins

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Players can never be happy. Sorry Roxx

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Not trying to be one of those guys, but what exactly would make me happy, if there’s literally no version of this skin for my class lol.

It doesnt matter i guess, i can always run mokoko xp

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Bothered by the combination of Umar Skins aren’t for every class with Shadow of Stern not being for purchasable with Blue Crystals at the same time. It being one or the other would be fine.

Don’t want to be that thin foil hat dude, but most likely it’s either a cadence strategy to delay skin releases as most as possible for profit or some kind of woke agenda even though this is a rated +18 game.


The simple fix is to release the skins with all the classes included or are they too stupid up there to realize that? They purposely pick craps skins and don’t care if the skins are available for every class. Awesome decision-making on their part right?

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I mean it’s bound to happen to new classes. We all want all the skins from KR but they didn’t release all the classes in the same order as KR. Assassins, new genders and Specialists will get the short end of the stick until we reach newer skins.

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They took away yoz jar for the whinning people, blame them instead.

It doesn’t matter why it got removed, it’s the fact that they keep on saying they are bringing out more skins faster when in reality they are still in a net negative for skins released. They cancelled more than they have even brought out in total.

Heyo, id like to post a feedback about skin cadences.

Personally I think it’s great we seen 2 skins in an update.

Problem is many players expected Umar Skins to include every class , like you mentioned before it takes time to produce.

Omen Skins had variant for everyone (even if some looked same on other classes like gunslinger and assasin).
Dawn Skinset also included every class but looked different than initial Dawn Skin set.

I think it would be great if you could mention in the patch notes/announcement that Umar Skins are only for X classes. I think it would clear a lot of surprises and negativity.

Because players got used to “takes longer to release skins because we update older ones with new classes”

If I may suggest, I wouldn’t mind my Gunslinger class to have same Umar skin as Martial Artists. I’m sure it takes less time to adapt already existing skins to newer classes, instead of making completely new ones (although it’s better option). I would be totally fine with already existing skins being adapted to newer classes.

Also I am +1 for releasing Skin Sets that not every class have variant for. Just mention it before.

Thank you


It’s completely fine not all classes can’t use some skins. Less people looking the same! Doesn’t bother me that my class can’t.

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Instead of 1 bad skin a month, now you get 2 bad skins a month!

At least they’ll run out of bad skins sooner.

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