Umar Skins not in every class?

Something that might help if it’s not available for all classes is to at least clearly and prominently state this in places it is announced/promoted, otherwise it’s even worse for classes that miss out if they get excited only to then be disappointed.

Also, I think faster-skins-but-not-for-all classes is fair and the right approach at the moment, but the release pace doesn’t really seem to have picked up much despite this.

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You can read past the PR response.

Amazon for some reason is negotiating for the worst events and sets for global Lost Ark.

This dance event and the Umar event is from the early period of Lost Ark when even Koreans wouldn’t play it in Korea. It was during the period of when it took Korea’s MMO industry to have scandals for Korean players to turn to Lost Ark out of spite for it to become a recognized game.

Some classes don’t have Umar skins because when Umar skins were released, assassins weren’t even in the game yet. It wasn’t “Player feedback said it was okay” it was AGS is so bad at negotiating their contract with Smilegate that they literally agreed to a skin pack from a time when the game was garbage and the classes weren’t even implemented.

Everyone got fooled by the Smilegate streamer shills like Stoopz and Zeals that didn’t even play during this period saying the game is all sunshine and rainbows.


What a shame. If only we had something like, you know, Legendary Skins, to fix that issue.

Oh wait…

Yeah lies again. If you cared about our feedbacks you could release other skins like swimsuits that are available for all classes. Probably SG picked one for you and gave it to us with this update. Stop lying all the time.

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Our CMs work hard, they do the best with the tools that they’re given.

Please don’t be so abrasive. You can easily deduce that if our CMs had the ability to give this community everything that they want it would already be done.

Nobody wants to come into work and have to say “no” to people who are really passionate.

The decisions are made multi level, our CMs simply communicate what is advised or has been greenlit.

Alot of this community could do with some compassion. We need to better ourselves so that we can be good for others.


People become abrasive when the public face and mouthpiece of the company can’t even consistently deliver a steady, honest message and will sometimes give messages that contradict each other and the actions actually taken by the company/support staff (ie telling people they’ll get entry tickets back and the customer support telling them lolno).

If you’re going to mislead people repeatedly and also intentionally give unclear announcements like “We’ve been blocked”, people get a little mad, especially when it’s a product some people have invested money in.

Even worse is that when people ask for refunds, they’re told they can’t get refunds and they’re told if they issue a chargeback, their entire Steam account will be banned.


I understand the frustration, and trust me our CMs are in the same position too.

Unfortunately there are multi faceted issues which hinder the ability for communication. It’s been clear since launch that elements of publishing can change quickly and that’s where we run into blockages.

The “block” you speak of actually referred to development terminology not in the same sense that you get Facebook blocked. It was a technical issue further elaborated on in the June notices.

Regardless of that, it’s clear that our CMs have been taking on feedback directly from this forum, many of those have resulted in good changes

  • Addition of QOL and Balances early on eg: front and back indicators etc
  • Avatar cadence (many community members asked for 2x styles a month balance between fantasy and modern) - this has been happening.
  • Increase in comms regardless of positive or negative - this has happened
  • Glaiver (a fan favorite) - was implemented right off feedback
  • DX11 implementation before launch - hotly requested feedback
  • more honing materials and careful monitoring of player progress so the next raid or content piece is playable without whaling (this has been pretty good)
  • additional regions before launch - hotly requested and implemented
  • Bot prevention methods such as captcha, scripts, ban waves - all addressed and continue to be
  • monetization and removal of YoZ jars - hotly requested, they did this. sure they took the avatars for now but I’m sure with time they’ll be revisited and returned.

We don’t know the true story behind the scenes, but let’s not discount all the things that WE as a community have asked for that HAVE been implemented.

The things the community is asking for now are the following;

  • Return of legendary avatars (not through jars though) or if jars exist, make it selectable.
  • Summer skins (these are likely to happen within the next couple of months) feel free to rip me a new one if they don’t.
  • Pet Ranch - got some cosmetics in here and would be a nice SH QOL piece.
  • Revisit class cadence so people can hurry their main along if it hasn’t released already.

Try to look at the bigger picture, it’s not as doom and gloom as many are making it to be.

But WE as a community need to be better. More civil and educated.

Trust me, our CMs are doing the best they can.

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As someone who worked in Customer Service before:

Front-line staff will always try their best to tell you what they are allowed to. But most of the time, they know just as much as you do: not much.

A lot of answers have to be requested from different departments, or Google their own webpages.

The problem with the communication is the higher-ups not communicating to CMs, therefore they do not know the answers we want to know from them. And higher-ups don’t know the answer because they are incompetent, uninterested, and are more focused on cutting operating costs than the concerns of the playerbase.

More than likely, CMs have already informed management and the departments of our concerns, but they are just trashed into the bin by them, while sarcastically responding to CMs.

Edit: A lot of terminology, such as “being blocked”, are not coined by CMs, but is the word used by the departments given to CMs to explain the progress. The vagueness you received from CMs is exactly the vagueness that CMs receive from the departments. More than likely, Roxx herself didn’t know what “blocked” meant and just used the terminology word-for-word from the departments.

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They lost potentially millions of dollars from willing gamblers for the legendary skin lootboxes for months and months of lackluster skins that wont make a fraction of what they couldve made unless they start releasing newer skins before playerbase drops under 50k. This company has weird priorities when it comes to caring about players and also not caring about players for profit.

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For some folks who havent played this game since season 1, I can explain

This umar skins were released in season 1 when yorn was released as a patch (content) at that time lastest class was lancer master aka glaivier, It was before feiton so No assassin, No female gunlisnger, No striker, No new class after punika. Therefore umar skins were only for older class during the intial release.

below is link of the actual release season 1 umar skins in korea.

로스트아크 - 우마르의 역작 패키지 (

Only thing ags didnt do They didnt add the mount of umar package. (I wonder why?)

So my take here, Ags should’ve not released a umar skin out of tons of skins out there, as it was a release during season 1 of lostark in 2019 and (skins would be available for certain class and not for all classes, so It wouldn’t be good idea to release, I mean there tons of skins out there that every class can wear, why they choose umar skins compare to other skins). Not sure why amazon games studio keep releasing season 1 stuff. They are many good avatar skins in season 2 compare to season 1.

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yea i know thats why im telling her to stop lying, just say “there are circumstances we cant tell you guys cause it’d be bad for us and our business partner so we giving you this outfit as bonus but we’ll negotiate to bring the popular skins” thats it man. thats all she needs to say.

I think lying isn’t the exact word I’d choose.

It’s more that words need to be chosen carefully. I’ve worked in very similar capacities as our CMs. As much as I want to be upfront, sometimes our hands are tied.

But I totally understand. I think in this instance we should give it a little more time. That’s all we need and I’m sure things will come through.

I might be wrong, but thus far, it’s always been upwards from where we were previously.

A Community Manager’s specific job is to be a liaison between the company and the community.

They are the ones that are supposed to provide easily understood information to the community at large, not use industry jargon to obfuscate the message. If you just repeat what a software engineering department says as a CM, why even have a CM at all and just have your software dev intern make the post and save money completely by firing your CMs?

This is even more absurd because we already know that Roxx is an industry veteran CM coming from Planetside 2.

So she knows this is her job. This means that she specifically chose to choose a confusing message and not elaborate.