Una Change suggestion

Hi folks,

Every real players are getting tired by bot and inflation even in the game. According to many players, Una is the main source of RMT gold.

I don’t know much of detail, but if this is the main problem, we should remove early Una token collect button. Have 2 maintenance window per week. This will help many players from queuing.

The game is dying, and I am sad to watch this.

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Yes please, remove the whole game instead of RMTers.



Makes sense to me haha

the game is not dying, it is already dead, you just have to see the current state of the game to realize that players are tired of putting up with this inhuman ballast in a game as demanding as this one too.

It only remains to try to revive him after a cardiac arrest and see what remains of all this.

Since if all the bots were cleaned etc… More than 80% of all users would be left out, because many players have also bought gold on external pages, otherwise there would not be as much gold supply.

Just the other day, I asked a player how much gold he had and he told me 238k, according to him because he hadn’t spent for a long time, that person had the same cast level as me, he didn’t have any pvp emblems, so he bought less resources than me to raise the percentage to raise the ilvl, he has 1460 ilvl, with that I tell you everything.

It is very obvious to know when someone has bought on external pages, there are many players like this in T3 camouflaged as whales, but the level of the cast and the level of housing give them away

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Hello koalablack13, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

nickel merci :slight_smile: