Una gold bug please fix

So this is week 2 where i have completed my una tasks and it’s rather annoying that i have to click the coins individually instead of alt right click to use an amount can this be fixed please it’s a minor thing sure but it’s annoying as hell

Took you more time to boot chrome and write this post. Just saying

THink about those people who were gathering unas for weeks…Theres people out there that has like 10k unas, or even more

idk, depends on your computer, I can boot mine and then open chrome faster that I can click those coins. In any case, even if it’s a minor inconvinience I think reporting it here was the right thing to do.

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that was my thought process just thought it would be good to report it here because i haven’t seen many people say anything about it

True, only 47 posts about it last week, but can be first for this week!

i know which is why it’s a little annoying imagine trying to click that many times because alt+right click to use bundle doesn’t work