UNA has 630+ que WTF AMAZON?

Been on this server since 2 weeks after release and have NEVER had a que issue at ANYTIME.

Now all of a sudden we are at 630+?

My azz fix your stupid servers.

EDIT: Waited 15 minutes for it to go down to 585 said screw it canceled and tried again now it is up to 1450+ You all need to get your act together your server is broken.


Very usefull thread again like the 100 other about the same topic

Im proud of you

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Yet it warranted your response.

maybe if they fixed the problem these threads wouldnt exist.

but you’d still be stupid so there’s that.

Fluctuating server capacity is one of the ways we are combatting the lag and instability unfortunately, however we are working towards putting some fixes in place to better stabilize the server in our next maintenance. (As was mentioned in the other queue posts.) I’m sorry you’re experiencing this as more people log on for the night.

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You should thank the VPN ban, otherwise it would be even longer, like 6000+

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so in other words, we’re screwed and wont be able to play the game because you made some back-end changes to “fix lag”.

that’s great.

you know there’s still literally 1 million+ bots logged in to the server that we aren’t able to access, right?

if you’re going to make changes that affect our ability to log in to the game, maybe you should address the bot issue that’s running rampant on Una instead of simply blocking actual players from being able to log in.

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you have literally no idea what you’re talking about and should stop posting things publicly.

I haven’t made any changes, just communicating why you’re now seeing a queue.

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well since you personally didn’t make the changes feel free to do your job and pass on our feelings to the people who did

“fixing lag” isnt much of a “fix” if the people who the lag is supposed to be fixed for cannot access the game due to said change.


try it.

I’d agree with this if the game hadn’t literally hit its peak player count today in the last like month+. Highly doubt that’s new/returning players that collectively decided today is the day to play the game. As of right now, I’m inclined to say the VPN ban did hardly anything.

I looked and didn’t see any posts about it.

Also you reply is about as useful at a toothpick in a gun fight.

Are you being facetious or really assuming this poster meant you personally made the changes? This player is expressing frustration at Amazon and Smilegate’s decisions and how they affect their player experience. They are directing the feedback toward you because you are our Community Manager and act as one of the only facilitators between players and developers.

Does it need to be fixed until next maintenance? Does it ?

Srsly, I admire you guys hard working, but we are no longer able to wait that long, say, next Tursday? Def not.

The VPN ban seems no effective but impact some legit players and it might also increased extra massive botters, seems “COMBATTING BOT” has come to an end in the first stage.

Yet only 483k concurrent player. Interesting.

What a little entitled fuck you are lmao. Go touch grass, and preferably eat it if there’s pesticide in it.


Gonna have to agree with that we have to wait for the next maintenance (which could be days) before a potential fix is unacceptable. This should be addressed immediately as it is simply unfair (especially for us who dont have many hours in the the day to play at all).

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just either start charging monthly for the game or just ban wave bots they are issue and always will be everywhere anyone goes especially islands etc is full of at least 50 bots or more we can complain all we want just do something already waiting to log in a game in super rediculous lol

I dont disagree, I would rather them shut down the game for a day or two and implement these fixes than wait till Thursday. Compensate the players for the downtime and everyone is happy.

The game will never have a monthly subscription. Its just never happening.

just a thought :laughing: