Una is unplayable after the update

Since the update, Una server takes about a minute between screen loads. This is unbelievably frustrating and it makes the game basically unplayable.

We already have to contend with the minute load game load and now you have it between areas too. If this isn’t fixed soon, I’m just done with Lost Ark.

You have to start fixing these issues at some point or we’ll just leave.


Imagine 9.5k queue at 8pm which takes 4 hours, which is basically bed time.

Literally, unplayable.

LOL - AGS wants to keep the servers jus for the bots

I’m back to high queue times. My number is 2515 in the queue. This is absolutely ridiculous. I think I’m going to fight the credit card charges too.

3000 people queue at 2 AM in the morning. The game is basically a playground for bot simulators at this point.