Una Server Load Times

Not sure about other servers but on NA East Una since the maintenance load times are super long for instances/switching characters and even just moving to sailing.


I ran PvP and made someone think it was there game so they ALT+F4 lol it affects everyone when you PvP

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Instead of 3 mins doing Lopang, its 15 mins

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Yeah, I shared elsewhere that I tried to do a Boss Rush and by the time I finally was allowed to load in it was already in progress with my teammates fighting enemies. I’ve just logged out, not gonna deal with this nonsense today. I didn’t log out in the boss rush, I finished it and then logged out by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like it gets worse every time they try to shut down the bots.

I’m on Una too and I tried to take a boat from vern to arthentine and i was in a 4 min load screen then back in vern lol! game is practically unplayable right now.

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I’m on Una as well. Load times between zones has gone from 10-15 seconds per to 45 seconds minimum.

Tried using the Ocean Liner from Feiton to Yorn 3 times and each time it took the fee but dumped be back in Feiton after 45+ seconds of black screen.

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Servers too expensive had to downgrade :upside_down_face:

Agreed, I’m on Una as well. Load times are not normal. and I wasted quite a bit of silver trying to charter from one continent to another. it’s minimal but still… lol

Yup, its broken, please restart the server ASAP. What took 10 seconds is now taking 2+ minutes. This game is so loading screen heavy that this is a major issue.

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is it worth logging in right now, or would I be better off just waiting?

just wait. unless you are cool having everything take 2-4x as long

I’ll just wait

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depends if you’re a masochist or not :slight_smile:


I’m legit getting kicked out of the ocean liner due to the server issues lol

Una aswell here, i actually got made fun of in Guardian Raid, by the time i loaded in they already were beating on the boss. Finally in Oreha Abyss someone mentioned it to the other 2 that Una is having load issues and they understood. I think im gonna skip the game today, not looking forward to do all dailys on my alts, this is very tedious.

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lol, I need to go from punika to shushire and couldn’t take the liner so I took my faithful Astray. Figured it wouldn’t be too bad thanks to the investment. Well…ya know that 1 second black screen when you exit tempest (i think) seas? Haha, well now that’s 3 frikken minutes fml

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like 3mins to change zones/character/anything. plz restart server or something

dont hear any other servers coming out and saying its affecting them so maybe just restart una

Having slow load in stuff on Enviska as well.

What the heck is it with Una that keeps it almost always “busy”? Have the bots mistaken Una as a “NA West” server or something? :sweat_smile:

I think all the issues we’re seeing are related to the same things that NA West is going through, minus the queues (though there Una did manage to get overloaded enough to get queues sometime last week I think!)

My guess, is that for whatever reason (maybe stability), Una’s capacity was reduced and we’re now experiencing the aftereffects of it. Combine it with what seems like a large uptick in bots in the past few weeks, and you get this combo of overload as players and bots hammer the server resources?

I dunno, either way, this new “time sink” sucks :expressionless: