Una Token's weekly rewards got lower after weekly reset

The last time i’ve collected my Una’s tokens ( which was last week ) was about ~450 tokens - full 70 points. Back then i was still in T2, around ~1095 iLV.

But after the weekly reset, i reached T3, now sitting at 1335 iLV and this is my Una’s Token now:

I thought the higher your iLV, the more Una’s tokens you can collect weekly ? Am i wrong or mine is just bugged ?

Just to make sure, did you reach T3 before or after weekly reset? The rewards for Una tasks calculate your highest char at reset. If you did hit T3 before reset though, it’s bugged.

I reached T3 AFTER reset, but its still should be the same as last week ~450 tokens, why it got lowered though ?

If my calculator is correct right now you have 475 Tokens this week. That’s around same/more than you had last week if you say you had ~450. IF you had gotten to 1302 ilvl BEFORE weekly reset you would’ve had 1040 Tokens that I have right now for being in T3.

Weekly Una’s Tokens are updated on reset and don’t update again until next reset even if you advance tiers mid-reset.

the problem is right now it says i can only earn up to 145 tokens, in the screenshot, which i assumed it was a bug

Nah. It’s not “up to”. It shows how many Tokens you’ll get at what point thresholds. So you’ll get 70/70/95/95/145 at 25/35/45/55/70 Points for a total of 475 this week.

At T3 values it’d be 155/155/210/210/310 for same points.

And you get 1 point for daily quest I think up to 9 per day. So you’d need 3 dailies on 3 chars to max that I guess. And weekly quests give you 10 each to the total I think.

oh right, so its total of 70 + 70 + 95 + 95 + 145 = 475 tokens, i misunderstood, thank you for your explanation.