Unable to access 1415 Chaos Dungeon

I just got my third character to 1415+ (I have 1480 and 1445)…and its requiring me to run through the entire quest chain, all 32 quests to complete An Invasion of Chaos in order to run the 1415 dungeon.

the thing is, I don’t remember doing this on my 1445 character when he got to 1415… I did it once on my main.

Is this a bug or am I mistaken?

You have to do the south vern main quest on every char.


you have to complete south vern on every character you want to do 1415 chaos dungeon
just like you have to complete punika on every character you want to run 1302 chaos dungeon


nope, you have to do quest chain for 1415+ chaos dungeons.

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Yah, Im seeing that. Bullocks, thanks.

it gives cards and xp
most people get a 59 character before they do the south vern msq as it almost gives an entire level of xp
so you get a fast lvl 60 too

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Ah, nice. I just hit 59 on this one this morning too.

Appreciate you helping out!

You have to do south vern msq… just letting you know btw :melting_face:

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