Unable to activate Express event - Different server

Hello LA & Community,

Long story short, I started out on zinnervale, but had to migrate to another server, in order to play with friends at launch.
Now I kind of want to try playing a bit on zinnervale again, as we have the express event going.
As such, I levelled my character to level 50, and acquired the first T1 armor.

The question;
Are you only able to use express event once pr. steam account?
I seem to be unable to use it on my character on zinnervale, despite the express event only been activated on server: Inanna. It doesn’t show anything that looks like a denial, so someone know how this works, and whether i’ll be able to express event a new character here too?

correct me if I’m wrong, I’m playing on one server atm, but only one character can use it for all servers. So doubt you can use it for a new accounts on a new server.

Hello @CiSCii,

Welcome to the Lost Ark FOrum! :mage:

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us,

In this case, as @InochiEsDi mentioned, you can only participate in this event once per account, since you already did it on a different server you’re not going to have the option to do it with a different character, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hope this answers your question! :sunflower:

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