Unable to Block a Player from PVP Match?

I’ll try to make this as short as simple as possible:

  • In a PvP team deathmatch, an opponent was being verbally abusive and sexually aggressive towards a teammate who was obviously uncomfortable with the situation.

  • The opponent player persisted with this behaviour for the entirety of the match and beyond.

  • Lost Ark says since the player is not on the same world, that they cannot be reported OR blocked.

So I can ban a bot I’ve never seen before, for sending me a whisper about cheap gold, but a player that caused multiple players distress in a PvP deathmatch, even saying things to the person on my team like “I’ve been watching you play in and outside of proving grounds. This is why girls shouldn’t play games. You’re just not very good.” and nobody from the match can report them unless they happen to be on the same world?

This needs to be addressed. This is more than player experience this is player safety. The solution cannot be to come on the forums or to contact amazon games. There needs to be a system in place.


I agree with your feedback. While I recognize this may be due to a network limitation between servers, it makes no sense that we can interact with players and have no in-game ability to block them in certain conditions.

As for reporting; and I appreciate this may be too little to late in this circumstance, if you obtain evidence in the future such as game capture or a screenshot, you can file a player report directly at: Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games