Unable to claim reward for Chaos Dungeon Illusion level 1

Been doing illusion level 1 several times trying to get it to get that I should be able to claim the reward, to no avail.

Never had any problems with that - but you might want to try it again & maybe use matchmaking. How many times did you try?

I tried it maybe 5+ times, both solo and with matchmaking.

Just a thought: Is your shop working?

Not right now, but I have been trying for multiple days and shop worked yesterday. I did Abyssal Dungeon: Ancient Elveria just a while ago and could claim that.

Okay that is weird - I give you that. No more good recommendations from my side, hope it gets resolved for you.

Having the same issue. Bug?

Same problem for me. been doing chaos dungeon over and over and can’t seem to register for the challenge.

Illusion level 1
If you look at the picture attached Rothendel’s chaos dungeons have illusion levels where North Vern’s dungeons are called Resonance levels so I am guessing that once you complete the first Rothendel level you will be able to claim it.

I got it completed by running a level 4 but if you look at my original screenshot you can see in the top left that I have completed a Rohendel dungeon

Thanks for posting why this is happening, annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought I would chime in on this topic perhaps it will help someone.

The night before weekly reset happens. I was trying to complete the “Chaos Dungeon Illusion level 1” welcome challenge thing. I done multiple runs of level 1 of the correct chaos dungeon but it would not give me reward.

But today after weekly reset I done a single level 1 run and it gave the reward to me.

so after having the same issue myself i can tell you that its the daily reset that is the issue. if you have already done your 2 daily chaos dungeons it wont count towards the objective when you do the illusion 1.

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Yes it has to be the first chaos dungeon you do in the day or it will not reward you. :slight_smile: I had trouble myself.