Unable to claim Thirain reward or continue building rapport

I seem to be a bit stuck with Thirain. I’ve just got him up to amicable level, yet I’m unable to accept the reward for it. This also seems to be stopping me from continuing to build rapport with him specifically as it now says a quest is on going, though it is not.

I’m on Moonkeep with the character as JaiKane. Please can someone help?

Hey there! Welcome to the forums. Would you be able to post a screenshot of what is happening when you try and claim the reward?

You probably accept the quest on a different character. Try logging into each character to see if you have the rapport quest accepted on someone.

Many thanks! I must say, I’m loving the game :slight_smile:

Screenshots as attached. - Nothing happens when I click ‘Claim Reward’

If you click on the greyed out quest it will probably show you that you need certain scores in your virtues to continue your progress.

Nope, same thing unfortunately.

I currently do not have any alts, so it can not be that

I think you have clicked on the dialogue “about chivalry”. Can you click on the “receive a quest” option. It will show you need (from memory) two virtues at 150 before you can accept the quest. You cannot increase rapport until then. Dont worry, youll reach those values as you continue questing.

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I think you might be right. Thank you for the info. We’ll see what happens when I get my virtue up! :slight_smile: