Unable to complete Neria quest kindness: 48/50?

Hi i’m not sure what i did to get this. but i could use some help.


What do I do to get past this?

can close this, I figured it out

Would you mind please telling us what you figured out? I and possibly others have the same situation. Thanks.

@jaxi Yeah sure absolutely.

I just left the quest alone, progressed with other quests instead.
When I did that I got more kindness from other NPC’s.
When I reached 50/50 i could take the quest and progress…

Also if ur thinking…What NPC??
Sorry I didn’t pay attention to the names of the NCP’S that gave me more kindness.
But just progress and you’ll get more like i did…
Take every quest you see.

Ah…thank you so much. Sounds like I just need to keep going then, and it will all come together.

I appreciate the info. Thank you.