Unable to Connect to Server Due to Heavy Traffic

Can’t even get to the server list now after getting booted from the queue.

same right now
procycon server.

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Kadan here

Happened to me too. Just restart until you get in the queue.

My second attemp was successfull.

Wbr, shnoopx

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Laughs in EU west

restarted second time , cant even login , due heavy traffic , confirmed.

Trying now for third time.

Yes they reduced server capacity so that its hopefully more stable in game and fixes matchmaking, however that means more people in queues, and they didnt increase the queue capacity, so when thats overloaded you cant connect at all.

Don’t worry, once you do connect you’ll be in a 18k queue.

It’s not related to the server you’re playing in, it’s related to the global region server handling server listing and authentication, it’s currently overloaded.

You have to restart the game until it works. It eventually does…

I can’t even get to the server list to pick EU West.

server now is in maintenance.

Back into a 16500 queue.

server up, just reset game.

I was going to post a picture of the laughing Spanish man slapping the desk. Then I found out he passed away last year. Now I’m Big sad =(.

Yeah 16500 Suxx, but at least 1000 less than my queue. ^^

Wbr, shnoopx