Unable to connect to specific character

Server: EUC - Thirain
Character: Memekyudemon

Since this morning I was unable to log into my Shadowhunter. I always receive the errormessage shown in the screenshot. I was able to log onto my other characters. Switching from them back to the shadowhunter produces the same error.

im getting the same error, but to me it happens when i try connect to any of my characters

Hello Heroes

Hope you are doing great and apologize about this situation.!

Please follow the tips on the following links in order to troubleshoot this situation:

Let me know if the situation was solved for you.!

Hey @ouibob23

I apologize if the troubleshoot did not work on this case.!

As a next step please create a web ticket by the following link for this situation to be properly investigated:

Best Wishes Hero!

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