Unable to continue story after rollback

After the Galatur rollback, I am unable to continue the story. I was at the final Tortoyk dungeon when the server went down. When it came back up, the dungeon is closed and the quest giver for the previous quest is unavailable. I cannot get the quest to open the dungeon and I cannot enter the dungeon with a party because I am not on the correct quest.


Welcome to the club :frowning: They are telling us to open a support ticket, but there are so many people with this issue. I opened a ticket and i recommend you do the same in the meantime. Who knows when this will be fixed.

Here is the link of them talking about this issue.


Alright, thank you!

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I agree,

@Seawolf I already got my ticket V521191915 but it will be more and more hours with no progress.

I remark it, we pay for an early access.

There have to be rewards!, also I’m very worried about my character progress.


I just tried opening my game back up after that unexpected restart last night and now we dont have the main quests. Crazy to me losing time that we essentially paid for…Now I see that this post was made 5hrs ago gives me little to none expectations for this issue to be resolved today… which is very unfortunate for those who paid for the early access or/and even the higher value founder packs.


Refunds better be issued.


What a great head start we got eh? Server maintenance first night then broken game after


I submitted a ticket when I found out your “maintenance” messed up the server. Woke up this morning only to find out nothing was fixed. Spoke to support only for them to give me generic responses. “Our devs are looking into it” bunch of BS if you ask me. We all paid for a service, this service was removed. Our toons are no longer playable until you find a fix for your mistake. My time is worth something. Are you going to compensate for all the hours i’ve invested in a character that is no longer playable?


well now that there is no story quest the game is unplayable and there is no compensation.

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Support people!

Any updates, I am already out of content in main. Still, no main quest showing up.

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I got a response from a ticket I sent in 14 hours ago, but no updates.

People lost the main quest line and can’t get it back. It’s a big deal and people are pissed. Imagine all your work hitting a stand still.

This is an easy fix. "What is your character name? What area were you in during the crash? What main quest did you lose? "

Replace characters main quest and let player go from there. Easy fix. Get on it please.

I was in the Monastery and lost the main quest line in there. Just give me any inside the monastery and I’ll take it from there. Thank you. I’m out of your hair.


Woke up to this reply,
Good Day Adventurer,

This is Donita, the representative who got your email in regards with the missing quest after server maintenance.

Thank you for reaching Amazon Games and we appreciate you for letting us know about your issue. I would also like to apologize for the inconvenience.

As of now, we still don’t have any additional information in regards with Quests in Galatur server. The last update sent from our Game Developers is that they are already working on it, it really did took time because of the population of the servers and they cannot shut it down directly.

We still hope for the best possible resolution for this but as of now our option is to wait.

If you still have questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out through this link:

If it’s not fixed after this “maintenance” just make an alt and bug them for compensation for all this mess. Nothing else we or CS can do. Unfortunate that they can’t seem to do anything beyond telling us to submit individual tickets. Such a waste of resources on their end.


Already leveling up an alt, I would just like not to lose all my cosmetics that were attached to my main from the founders pack.


I think guys, we all need a concrete answer about this. The situation is unpleasant and disgusting.

We need details, information, tell us the reality: Hey create a new character because those with the msq missing will never got it again or something. I prefer the truth as much as it hurts.

I remark we paid for the “early game” we never got it at all. Rewards have to be given.

@Seawolf @Roxx @Stooh @Firus

Not a ticket, not a chat with amazon support, concrete words please.

Tickets just point back to the forum so until there’s an official response on the forum we wait patiently.

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They’re doing nothing. They got enough issues with queues and server issues and the launch than to care about the thousands and thousands of us dealing with Galaturd

@Roxx Pls don’t forget us.