Unable to dye Solar Dream Facewear 2

The Solar Dream Facewear 2 mask from the Summer Skin collection doesn’t appear in the dye options when you talk to the Dye NPC, so you can’t dye it. Typically, items that can’t be dyed have “Cannot be dyed" in their description. However, there is no indication saying that you can’t dye it as shown in the image above, so I’m wondering if this is a bug or if the item description needs to be updated to reflect this accurately.

Thank you for reporting this, Tigerbalm.

What is your character name and server name?

Hello! This character’s name is Certes and my server is Aldebaran on NA East. I also have this issue on another character, Deciding, who is an Artillerist and has an undyeable Solar Dream Facewear 2. Thank you for your time.

No problem! Thank you for letting me know. I’ll get this over to the development team for you.

Also, welcome to the Lost Ark forum community!

Thank you! I appreciate your assistance.

You can only dye weapon skin, headpiece skin (called hair for some reason,) chestpiece skin, pants skins, chestpiece & pants skins. That’s all. You can’t dye like instrument skins or facewear skins.

were you able to dye it now? or still no?

Checked just now, and no—I still can’t dye the facemask. Don’t know how long it’ll take for the bug to be fixed if it is one or for the description to be updated to accurately reflect the item’s non-dyeable state.

It’s not a bug, none of the facewears from any skin set are dyeable. You can only dye weapon, armor and headwear skins. But yes I do wish they say undyeable on facewar to make it clearer.