Unable to dye the Northern Lawmaker Avatar

The first skin should be dyeable, the second one I am currently investigating on as this appears to be an issue


Hey @Roxx ,

There’s actually a thread on the forums located at:

Northern Lawmaker Second Grant Issues

…that’s been talking about this for a few days, with a lot of info compiled in there.

The short version is, however:

  • It looks as if the armour sets granted in the second grant were actually an older, non-dyeable version of the Northern Lawmaker sets that were available earlier than the dye system on Korean servers.

  • These earlier sets are actually model variants: they have actual changes to the armour itself (the newly-granted assassin class set having a cape, while the originally granted version does not, being one example), but they cannot be dyed.

  • This has left people in a couple of camps: some people are upset they can’t dye their second bonus-granted sets, while others had originally wanted the variant model sets and didn’t realize the second grant included them as an option, so they chose something else (my wife is in the latter camp).

So, for example: my wife would certainly have used her second Lawmaker choice to pick up the assassin variant with the cloak (which is what she had expected to get with her FIRST choice, but she got a cloak-less model that could be dyed). Had she known the cloak-wearing variant was available in the second pack, she would have selected it for a second time then (in spite of being undyeable).

Not really sure what the solution is here, aside from maybe potentially allowing a third pack that contains two chests: one holding a dyeable non-variant skin choice, and another holding a non-dyeable variant skin choice.

Players would then at least have a heads-up going into their choice about which skin to expect from their selection this time around (which hasn’t been the case with either of the prior selections).

Thanks for looking into it!


I appreciate this flag! I’ll make sure it’s passed on as well.


Thanks, I’ll be sure to support that thread.


Hi, I am also want to address the issues of lawmaker for male gunners.

here is my Post:

Please take a look at my post, I guess I am facing the problem with dye and cape issues…

Any news on this? :sweat:

Seems no.
Maybe they are trying solve the issue at the moment.

If they don’t care about this, it kinda scam tho.

glad i did not use it yet… waiting for an update.

Was wondering about this as well, wish I knew before redeeming my extra packs but hopefully it’s just a bug.

please, if you guys are going to give founders packs away for free for more people to change this undyeable situation please do not oversaturate the economy by making these excess skins tradeable as well. It will hinder the current economy and simply add more fuel to the fires that you guys have been continuously pouring onto the game.

Moved servers to help out, got gifted founders packs ( thank you ) but alas the second gifted lawmaker set is not dyable , total shame. I would have thought it should have been the same not matter what server. Is anything being done about this? as i would like to be able to dye it.

Would be really great if they could just change this asap since we dont have good skins in the store and founder skin isnt dyeable for some classes.
Imo the fact that those things are not tradeable is frustrating aswell since why would I want to have 2 cerberus? If i wouldve known that we get another pack I obviously wouldve kept the tradeable one and just get the cerberus I want from the untradeable one…
I did the same with the lawmaker set I did not use it to sell it later on, in a year or so and therefore i can use the untradeable one for my bers (if you make it dyeable ^_^)
If i had known about the untradeable boxes we get later on I wouldnt have had opened the tradeable cerberus and founderskin box…
So much miscommunication resulting in frustrating things :frowning:

For the March news, I didn’t see things about Lawmaker issues.(Unable to dye, Old skin model)

Any news could update for us?

Any news?

No news yet, they probably have many more pressing matters to deal with at the moment. The bot problem, optimization, queues, etc.

Still no update on the poorer version of the skins supplied in the compensation founders packs? :cry:

Confirming this still is the case after the latest update and the second set cannot be dyed

Any updates / news on this?

Still nothing to this date? I don’t think I ever saw a worse job in communications in my life as a mmo enthusiast. I’m actually amazed. I know this is only a minor problem compared to the shitfest we’ve been seeing lately, but holy shit it adds up.