Unable to earn LoLA Starter Items

I have been able to claim the Arkesia Paper Mask as well as the Saphia Pet Chest. I have not however been able to make any progress on the LoLA Starter Item Set. My Twitch drop inventory shows that I have made 1% progress on the set but only 2 streamers are listed as able to drop it and those listed channels do not stream regularly if at all. I’d like to reitterate that my twitch is properly connected to Lost ARK as I have claimed and recieved the pet and paper mask.

I kind a of the same situation except I didn’t get to start watching until tier 2 was already active. Is it possible to still get the tier 1 drop?

same here, I am at 71% and the drop is saying it is active till 1st March but not progressing

A friend told me last night that it’s not possible to get after T2 has been activated. I just wish they took the T1 down from twitch’s “available drops” if it is no longer available to avoid this kind of confusion.