Unable to enter illusion bamboo island

None of my characters are able to enter this island. End up in an infinite loading screen every time and have to ask support to unstuck me. Have been trying at least once a week for a month and it’s still happening.

Thought it might be fixed when the chaos dungeon loading screen bug was fixed but nope. And since I don’t see anyone else mentioning this, I guess this is a bug that’s only happening to me?

Hello @Astrohawke, welcome to the forums! I’ve not been able to find another post regarding this issue. Could I have your character name and server?

Server is Shandi. Character name: Artemisol but it affects all my characters.

I appreciate the information. I will send this to the Development team for review.

Any updates on this? Still can’t enter this island and getting stuck in loading screen.

Was this issue ever resolved? I am currently experiencing the same problem, stuck at loading screen at illusion bamboo island. Loading around 20-30% mark and crashes at about 2-3 minutes. Luckily other characters work apart from the main.

Acct: Sideliner Server: Calvasus.