Unable to finish hidden quest Tortoyk Island

I am attempting to do the hidden quest Road to Becoming a Naruni Expert. I went to the first three naruni babies but when I go to the fourth I am unable to click on it. I have the curiosity timer up still and I have watched other players click on the naruni baby located on the elevator in the Forest of Giants. I have relogged, went to the stronghold, and also changed channels; nothing works. I’ve even went as far as going to the 1st naruni and coming to the 4th then going to the 2nd and coming back to the 4th but that didn’t work either.

Edit: i just can’t read a map. that is all. Thank you!

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tldr; Just redo it from the start

i had this same issue and what fixed it for me was relogging, and then going to #1 and redoing them in the order #1 #2 #3 #4

I’ve done that multiple times now, i just did it again and still couldn’t do it. it’s completely bugged for me.

New location is at the overlook just above Stonehearth

Thanks for pointing this out and welcome back to the forums.