Unable to get trusted status

I’m not too sure why I don’t have the trusted status to enable me to trade and send items through mail when I have already spent money on steam in the past.

I have already enabled my two factor authenticator on mobile, but nothing has changed.


The path to earn trusted status won’t change, and these updates will only affect newly created accounts after the update. Existing Lost Ark players will not be impacted. New adventurers arriving in Arkesia can earn their trusted status in multiple ways, and can choose the path that’s right for them. The first option is for new players to enable the Steam Guard mobile authenticator, and have a Steam profile that’s no longer a ‘Limited User’ account. This is an easy path that won’t require making any Lost Ark purchases. Alternatively, new players can also receive trusted status by making any purchase in Lost Ark through either Steam or Amazon. You can learn more about the Steam Guard mobile authenticator here, and learn about Steam’s trusted status here.

try purchasing something for lost ark, it’s an alternative method stated on the patch notes.

Hello @luludandan05 welcome to our community!

As you already know, for the trust status we must have at least a $5 purchase on Steam and the two factor authenticator enabled, however in some case the system takes longer to verify this information and make the account Trusted.

Unfortunately here on the forums mods or community managers don’t have access to any tool related, neither the Customer Support.

Right now is a matter of waiting on the system.

Thanks for understanding, and let me know if I can help with anything else.

Unlucky, this did not work.

New update. Relogging finally allowed me to trade. Thanks for the help!