Unable to Increase Honing exp

Recently created an Artist, selected to use the Story express and had used Knowledge Transfer to Rohendal. Unable to increase honing exp as despite requiring 0 harmony shards, the “upgrade” button is blocked out.


Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community. What is your character name and server name?

Hairynerry in Akkan NaWest

Thanks! I’ll send this over to the team.

the 0 is for how many shard you have, but you need 270 to hone. I haven’t got to even t1 in my story express but I think you missed out on the rewards completing Rohendel, which gives +15 gear (already 600 ilvl)

so i guess you gotta get some shards and hone normally unfortunately

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well you ruined the story express since you used knowledge transfer and now you wont get the end reward for that event.

Your issue here like agatha said is that you have 0 shards but the upgrade requires 270, if you had done the story like you were suppost to with the story express you would have gotten gear that you wouldnt need to upgrade.

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Thanks for pointing this out.

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Indeed, it seems you’re both correct here.

Oh that’s embarrassing. Just returned into the game, hence having these thoughts of ‘wtf is happening’, ‘i don’t remember this…’ and being overwhelmed.

Appreciate the help

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Glad this is solved!