Unable to interact with NPC Sasha

During the new journey questline “Memories and Records”, there is a part where it says to talk to NPC Sasha. During this, she gets moved from her regular spot next to Bastian to the northern office room. It seems I have a bug where later on after completing this entire questline, I went back to do rapport with Sasha and she is still in that other room. She cannot be interacted with either… how to fix?

Hello there!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with interactions.
This issues can usually be flushed by logging out, running steam as an administrator and performing an integrity check (select Lost Ark in your steam library and youll see the option).

If this does not work try prioritizing other quest, completing and then coming back to it.
Let us know how it goes.

Hope you have a great one!

I have already tried all of those steps and none of them worked. There are no other active quests at this time that pertain to that NPC or any major NPC. I believe this is a bug in the game that occurred after completing the newly added questline “Memories and Records”.

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I see.

No worries, Ill gladly file a report on this.
Thanks for letting us know about this and for the patience while we figure this out.

Will give an update when informed.

Hope you have a great one!

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The issue has been resolved. It appears that it somehow was affected by a rapport request from Nia on Punika, but not clear how.

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Glad to hear!

Hope you enjoy the game and have a great week!
happy gaming.

Cheers !

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I can confirm something similar to this bug is still happening.

I have the Nia rapport quest “Leadership 101” in my quest log, and taking the rapport quest “Bastian the Workaholic” from Bastian and I can’t talk to Sasha to advance the first step of that quest because she’s not there.

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Hey there @Thadsoulfist,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with interactions as well.
Will gladly assist.

Could you confirm you have tried these steps?

Did you have chance to check out the rapport requests from other NPCs?

Will wait for the response,

Best wishes!

I’m not looking for assistance, I’m just confirming that this is indeed a bug.

I could interact with Sasha again after I finished Leadership 101, but if anyone has that rapport quest from Nia, it makes Sasha disappear in Arthetine. Thought you would want the information for it to report it to bug team