Unable to load a character

Server: NA West - Mali
Character Name : Soxeress

I can’t load my character on Castle Vern, 5 seconds after loading screen then exits to desktop, I can load other character just fine, File Integrity Test showed no errros, Pls Help

Hi @sirmushyalot welcome to the forums,

I am sorry to read you can’t load Soxeress, I am going to relocate it to see if this fix this issue.

I will keep you posted so you can try to load it again.

Edit: I relocate Soxeress, please let me know if you are able to load it now.


Nope, I’m still stuck at Vern Castle, I was trying to do the Witcher Quest , could you just relocate me somewhere? I’m just gonna stay away from Vern Castle from now on😥

Hi @sirmushyalot,

Thanks for the update, I just moved your character to Prideholme, let me know if that fixed the loading issue.


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I’m in the same situation, got my Sorc to Sushire and exited to the sea, so i could get to Rowen, but now i can’t load on that character, the loading screen has the progress bar moving in a consistent step but it ends up in a unresponsive state.

Server: Armen - EUC
Character name:

Hi @LeviathanPT, it’s great to see you around!

My apologies to hear about the situation with the character stuck. I’m going to proceed to relocate it to a safe zone to try to unstuck it.

Can you please close the game while I do that : ) Also in the meantime run an Steam file check,


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Ok done, i’ll run the file verification again.

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I’ve successfully relocate the character, you can launch the game after the steam verification and hope you can login with no issues,

Best regards.

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I’m back in and i was able to sail away from Sushire, thank you Firus.

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Yes it is fixed now, thank you WarriorCE

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