Unable to Load into Boss Rush (Hall of the Sun)

As topic suggest I tried to load into boss rush Hall of the Sun twice and both times after matchmaking finished and all 4 people accepted the instance the game will turn into a black screen and will not turn into loading screen or finish loading for that matter. The game process itself becomes “not responding” and the only way to get any progress is to end the process and restart. Once you restart if the character is still stuck the instance loading screen and cannot finish loading and the game process also becomes “not responding”. The only way to get the character to “unstuck” is to wait for the instance to finish or naturally timeout to load back to the starting area before boss rush. The game will also eventually crash.

This is happening to me at around 12:10 - 12:20 AM (10-20 minutes past midnight) Eastern Time on May 20.

Screenshot showing stuck at loading screen:

Screenshot showing the lost ark game process is not responding:

Edit: it also doesn’t consume an entry ticket.

this is happening to me too on multiple characters. and it’s only happening in t3 boss rush (hall of the sun) not t2 (hall of silence)

the only difference is my game is completely unresponsive and turns to black screen right after i accepted the instance.

i have talked to AGS support multiple times in order to unstuck my characters. and they have created a case for it but no replies for two days now.

bump, can’t do t3 boss rush at all. Also, character is unplayable until the instance expires. Can’t do leapstone weeklies either because if this. Seems to have started after the patch on the 19th of may.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forum @aethelfaerie! :mage:

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear about the issue you are having with the game.

In this case let’s try some basic troubleshooting to make sure is not a game file that is affecting your game and causing this issue.

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Close Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Check the game files integrity on Steam (Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files)
  5. Open Lost Ark.

If the issue persist I recommend you to contact live support to have the issue escalated as some of you already did.

Hope this helps! :sunflower: