Unable to log in even though I don't have VPN

2 windows appear and 1 of them is a ban? Not sure how or why I got this. My wife’s account also has the same thing.


Same here.
Wish someone have idea to fix it :frowning:


From the sliver of server selection I can see, pretty sure that’s the US East region you have selected. Is that the region you normally play on?

Are you doing any traveling out of the country right now and trying to access the game?

Nope at home just like 2 hours ago. It was fine earlier but now it’s not.

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@Roxx Is there a situation when VPN ban (I don’t use VPN) and account ban happen at the same time? Both me and my wife account got ban at the same time today

I’ve been getting the same error today, kind of concerning and have no idea what to do. Logged in this morning no problem and then had the issue about an hour ago.

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Yep same here. Submitted the ticket Amazon since I thought it was a ban but they said there’s no ban on my account

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Also having the same issue, was able to login fine this morning, then now getting the same popups as the screenshot OP posted.

Same here. since two hours ago

Yep same here about 5 mins ago, NA east as well. Not on a VPN or anything.

Same here I always connect from the same place in Poland, I was in Spain for 2 months in 2 different cities, and now when I came back to Poland I can not log in. I never had a VPN …

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same issue

They are currently doing a banwave, lots of wrong bans again I see

Not sure if this is a ban since this is what a ban look like



really banging on tomorrow reset to fix this issue.

They might be restarting servers, check Lost Ark servers status

I have a problem since Monday

I’m receiving this error as well.
was playing fine just few hours earlier.
god damn it lostark, why do I gotta face a new problem every fucking day.

may i know that what’s happened? i saw that and i cant enter the game, and i haven’t use any VPN