Unable to log in to my Main Character

Hello, I’ve been unable to log in to my main character Arrowyn on NA East - Una. I just keep getting stuck on the loading screen and it looks like my character is in Ancient Elveria. I am able to log in to my alt characters with no problem but anytime I attempt to switch to my main the client just sits on the loading screen. I’ve already tried restarting the Steam Client, restarting my PC, running in Administrative mode, I also verified the integrity of the game files and attempted to log back in to no avail. Can you please help me and thank you in advance!

Hello @LightFeather, hope you’re well.

I’m sorry to read that your main character is stuck in a loading screen, seeing as you’ve already verified the integrity of game files, I will try moving your character to another location to see if this allows you to regain access.

Please try again now and let me know if you still can access your character.

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@Chameliaca Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

It did work, I’m able to log back in and play her. I appreciate the fast response and I wish you an amazing day.

Take Care