Unable to party up for Abyssal dungeon T3

Hello, I’m ilvl 1330 atm, so I cannot matchmake for the abyssall dungeon since it requires 1340, thats why i use the party finder. However, every time I find a party and we try to enter, it says I can’t enter or the entire group can’t enter and the only warning I get is Entry requirements not met, Cannot enter. I have provided the screenshots of my problem and I hope this gets fixed.

party queue2

Erm dude… Dunno if you can see it BUT your Ilvl is 1329 an dung needs 1340 to enter, You cant Bypass it by Pug.
Or its me and i miss something?

You can enter the dungeon at 1325 with a party, you just cant do matchmaking and instant enter

In T3, it’s possible to go into abyss dungeons with lower gear score with a penalty. Enemies can block your attacks and the rate is significant. I cleared second abyss dungeon when I was 1335.

OP, maybe what’s happening is that on party finder you must be the minimum required gear score and also with matchmaking. If you have a full group though, you can bypass it

I HAVE a full group, 4 people, made with party finder. There are a ton of groups starting from 1325 too. You just said yourself you can do it below the required gearscore, then why do I get errors and I cant go in?

Server is EUC khadan if that matters btw

A full group with party finder might not mean the same as a full group from same server. Not saying it’s right, just assuming, as you queue with party finder in party finder’s UI. And with your server group, you queue up on abyss dungeon totem in cities.