Unable to play all day on Mari

Apparently the April update that had “critical issues” and needed to be delayed, and then suddenly wasn’t delayed, still has…you guessed it! Critical issues! No way!

No one will say what they are, and without any warning or announcements, Mari had its server capacity drastically reduced. This resulted in 10k+ long queues that move extremely slowly and many people being completely unable to play the game today. I tried to log in 4 different times, each with a 2-3 hour queue, and the game would DC me during the queue, resulting in starting the 2-3 hour queue over again. 3/4 of my guild had the same issue and haven’t been able to play today either.

It’s a great start to offer compensation to all players, but those on servers that had their servers knee capped should be getting additional compensation. 2 chaos dungeon recovery pots is not a meaningful compensation for being locked out of the game all day. I personally missed 12 chaos dungeons, 36 una dailies, 12 guardian raids…you get the point. In a game where people are expected to play multiple alts, the compensation should be per character, not per account.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if the entire “end-game” of lost ark wasn’t basically farming daily activities on alts, but aside from about 30 minutes of weekly raid content in the game right now, that’s exactly what it is. And when you realize missing a day with a decent number of alts is worth well over 15k gold, or $60+ worth of gold when exchanged with in-game crystals, not being able to get in to the game all day is a major issue.