Unable to play ranked pvp

When ranked pvp was released, I had zero clue about pvp and my mmr sank to 875. Since than, I’ve been unable to get into ranked matchs. I get on queue, it eventually finds a match, I accept it, I get that whole “preparing the arena” popup and, after some seconds, I get that matchmaking failed and I’m back on top of the queue.

It’s been months (2, maybe 3?) I try it for at least 30 minutes a day, nada. Checking on lost ark reddit, it seems a bunch of people with similar mmr scores have been suffering for the same issue.
If I would guess, I assume the matchmaking system isnt been able to find 6 people in the same mmr range, but for some weird reason brings the pop up after a certain amount of time.

Could you please find a way to fix this?