Unable to purchase a copy of the "Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack"?

See title.
While i had a rather unpleasant experience to start out on a server where we saw a load of language-wars, I decided to give the new EU-West region a shot.
Got my Plat-Pack into the mail and the go-live goodies for EU-West as well.
Not shabby at all and I’d really want to move into a new home, however, I have the Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack in my Steam DLC and for the current EU-Central server that I wish to abandon.

I perfectly appreciate that this starter pack is a one-off and I’d have to buy me a new one on the new home in The West, no problem here.
How do we get this sorted, who should help me here, Amazon or Steam ?
I also appreciate that this is more of a support matter, however, I cannot seem to raise the perceived issue under “support” :frowning:

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Don’t give them more of your hard earned cash so they can continue to sip whiskey and laugh at the peasants trying to play their game.



Very good point, however, I had this idea of sipping some premium Irish “key” while enjoying wasting some 65 Euros on a head start.
It is debatable whether I should rather take the money and invest it into a more Scottish product ending on “ky”
Factually speaking, I’m happy with demolishing/deleting all toons on the EU-Central server in return of the 64,- Euro bundle so I can apply it on the EU-West infrastructure.