Unable to purchase extra chest in brelshaza

I dced in the cutscene right after we killed prokel’s head in g2 brelshaza, I received my normal rewards but there was no way to access the extra chest. Is there no extra button to open up the reward chest?

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Thank you for reaching out regarding this situation with your bonus loot from your run, unfortunately, we don’t have a way to re-grant the bonus box from the dungeon as well as the daily or weekly entries to content manually.

We have a system that takes care of this type of situations when it’s for a disconnection issues in order to provide the ticket back. We can’t guarantee that you will be receiving a ticket.

Please refer to this Official news post : https://forums.playlostark.com/t/update-to-timed-and-ticketed-content-lockouts/329332

We apologize for any inconvenience generated by this.

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What about chaos dungeon maps? As they are an item, can’t they be sent manually via mail?

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When you ask this your question refers to why you can’t send the chaos dungeon maps via mail ?
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Hi @Eulah
I already made another post about this. I was asking if chaos dungeon maps can be sent via mail to a player, because I lost mine because of EAC. I keep getting the generic response that daily/weekly entries can’t be restored and links to forum posts that are not related. This is an item, items can and have been restored to players before, such as accidently destroyed honed gear, so why this is any different baffles me.

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I apologize for the inconvenience and the experience while contacting our support team to try to recover this item.

In this case we can’t handle sensitive information on forums due to this we are not able to access you account, but if a ticket was already submitted I encourage you to reach back with us via the Web Ticket requesting an update on the tickets and add this forum link as a reference for the next person to understand what’s your request and check if you can help you !

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