Unable to receive chaos dungeon loot on 2 of my alts


Currently I have 5 characters:

  • My main (1000 ilvl),
  • 2 alts I used the power pass (302 ilvl),
  • 2 I transferred the knowledge via the stronghold (302 ilvl).

On my main and 2 powerpassed character I receive chaos dungeon loot, but on my 2 knowledge transferred character I’m unable to receive loot.

On this screenshot you can see that the chaos dungeon is about to end, yet I haven’t received any fragments or gear pieces (check the expanded chat box and inventory), I even got the rest bonus.

Is this a bug?
Did I not talked to someone to unlock the reward?
Or something else that I don’t had to do on my other characters?

One week later and i’m still unable to receive loot on this 2 alts…

I have the same problem, on one of my alts I get no loot. You still have this problem?

Lol, I figured out why my alt didn’t get loot! He didn’t have a pet summoned! :slight_smile: