Unable to reorder players in party whilst in Legion Raid

HI Team,
Just discovered a bug that prevents moving players within the same party using the raid manager whilst inside a legion raid.


Does this bug appear every time you’re in a legion raid?

Were you doing it when the member is in the golden cog? Cause the members need to be in that circle to beable to reorder the party

Hey Ominous, it has today. We set our parties up outside fine, but once we are in, if we need to change within a party we had to play towers of Hanoi to rearrange. We had the entire party within the workshop. Moving someone between P1 and P2 is fine, but when you try and swap the order of 2 people in a party, it gives an error that players cant be moved within a party.

Side note, this is in Brel G3 and G4.


I assume you wanted to order things so like the support or person doing a given mech was in position X consistently?

Yep, initially it was to make sure the supports weren’t both in position 4. Turns out our pally had more stagger than one of our sorcs lol