Unable to use a released name

I deleted a level 10 character, and I can’t reuse the name on a new one (EU region)
If I understand the post there (post), it should be possible
Thank you for your help

I read another thread today and a mod said a name will be blocked for 60 days after character deletion.

If you look there, level 10 and under should be ok

I have the exact same problem. Deleted level 10 character and created a new one with the same name to get this

same problem

Same issue here.

Same issue here.

Same issue here. I deleted my lvl 10 character but can’t re-use the name.

Updated: Restart the game and it allows me to do it.

I’m also having this problem, my character was level 1 (never logged in on it) - I deleted it to reuse the name, and it says it’s already taken.

Any updates on when we will see this corrected so it behaves as described in the official post?

– EDIT: Nevermind, it seems I can use it now. I just had to wait a few minutes before I it worked.