Unable to use any of my ship skins?

I have searched forum and the internet but it seems I am the only one who can;t seem to apply a ship skin from my list of skins.

I have been doing island quests last couple of days but can’s chnage ship skins to either of my two ships for some reason.

EDIT: Purchased a skin from store and that one works. It seems my founders skin is missing not just greyed out.

Founder packs did not give a ship skin, which one are you trying to apply?

I was sure there was but I guess I was mistaken.

Hi folks! It’s a pleasure to have you here around the forums!

Thank you for the information @Swars! and my apologies for the confusion @Craniumtrauma. In the founder’s pack is not included an skin for the ship, reason why you can not see it. Here you have the list of items available in the founder’s pack: FOUNDER’S PACK REDEMPTIONS

If you are having troubles to apply/use the skins you purchased please let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend.