Unable to use my powerpass on another server

I used a powerpass so I could get a lvl50 character on another server with my friends. When I try to use it in the character select screen, it tells me I have no powerpass available?

The new server is in the same region.
I right clicked the powerpass in my inventory, so I should be able to use it at character select, right?

You cannot use your powerpass on a different server.

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Hi folks!

About the PowerPass, you can not use your pass to boost the first character in a different server, however, if you have not used your PowerPass yet in your main server and you lvl up a character in a different server, you will be able to split your Powerpass (one in the original server and one in the secondary).

Here you have how the Powerpass works for a better clarification:

  1. Power Passes are limited to 2 per region (2 on US-West, 2 on US-East, 2 on EU-Central, 2 on EU-West, 2 on SA-East) as regions are treated as separate accounts.
  2. Within those regions, using a power pass will automatically grant you a second one that can only be used on that specific world that you used the first on.
  3. One caveat is: If you do not use your first PowerPass, you can level to max on a separate server within the same region and get a PowerPass. However, when you do this, using that powerpass will not grant you a second to use as you have hit your region max of 2 but split it over two worlds.

I hope this information helps!

Have a wonderful weekend :balloon:

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Thanks. That’s a lot of info.
I guess I don’t quite know where to go from here. It feels like I am stuck on a server with none of my friends, and need to start from 0 if I want to play on their server. I also lose any benefits from the founder’s pack I bought, as those are stuck on my first server, and I have no potential of earning a powerpass anymore. Should I just register a new account? It seems like I have nothing to lose here.